A particularly gregarious member of her race, Zzamas is a Phase Spider who lives within the Tors near a landmark known as the Ghost Stone and something of a friend to the Council.

 History/Introduction to the Story Edit


Zzamas first met the council when Pippin flew over her home, scouting the mountains towards the south. She requested help driving a pack of Xill from her home and in return offered a chest found floating in the Ethereal plane. The Xill were quickly dealt with and after some light conversation she agreed to both not hunt humanoids and even assist humanoids coming through the mountains (In return for a single live pig a month and a chance to trade anything she finds for other commodities.)

Things done Since Edit

Shadow Plane Visit Edit

Zzamas has assisted Pippin in visiting the Shadow Plane, her knowledge of the planes and ability to travel to and from proving incredibly useful.

Plane of Positive Energy visit Edit

Zzamas proved herself helpful once more during the escape from the Plane of Positive energy by picking up Azhrit and Pippin once they had escaped into the Ethereal plane by leading them back to the Ghost Stone.

Person themselves Edit

Personality Edit

Zzamas body language and way of speaking and thinking makes her slightly disturbing to be around for most people, with a predatory mindset and little that passes for social skills among humanoids, she is almost as impolite as Hanley. Very much the solitary predator, Zzamas appears to think in terms of how any situation can benefit her directly and leans towards a mercenary mentality in all situations. Since she has been wearing the Headband she appears to be more willing to work for promised rewards and is learning more of give and take.

Appearance Edit

A giant spider with the face of a woman. Has a very Raspy voice.

Relationships Edit

While appearing to have very little concept of what passes for friendship between humanoids, Zzamas has at least decided that it is in her best interests to work with the Council and be rewarded for it.

Location Edit

Ghost Stone

Plot Reminders Edit

  • Has gained a Headband of Int +4 and a pair of Boots (In this case bracelets) of Springing and Striding as part of her previous dealings with the Council
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