An inseparable pair of unlikely friends, the Nix Tyg-Tug and Faerie dragon Perlivash remain both a light nuisance and decent friends to the council and people of Lakevale.

 History/Introduction to the Story Edit


Living in the Stolen lands long before the party arrived. Tyg-Tug & Perlivash were first encountered while exploring the Forests of the Narlmarches. After an initial few days of fey prankery the party managed to catch the pair out and make friends with them by being good sports about it. Since then they have been a good source of fey gossip and information on how the land is doing.

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Branded Edit

Currently Tyr-Tug & Perlivash remain at large and on the run after a prank involving Hanley and a potion of Gender Change.

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Personality Edit

Good humored and feyly capacious, the pair enjoy little more than they enjoy a chance to tease someone who won't take it well, except a chance to do a moderately good deed and assist others. Tyg-Tug is the more dynamic and outspoken of the pair, while Perlivash appears to prefer more complex plans.

Appearance Edit

Perlivash is a Faerie dragon. Tyg-Tug is a Nix. What you expect.

Relationships Edit

While mostly loyal to each other, the pair remain on mostly decent terms with the Council and the fey of the forest, acting as a go-between when required and keeping the Council of Stagfell updated on any situations ongoing that might be a danger to the Kingdom.

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Plot Reminders Edit

  • Currently in hiding from the Long arm of Dakor (And Hanley)
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