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Looming over the eastern Stolen Lands, the Tors of Levenies jut up violently from the rolling grass of the Kamelands. As if thrust skyward by some ancient upheaval, the mountains stand wall-like against the western reaches, all cliffs and streaked escarpments, some over 300 feet high. From the east, the mountains ascend more slowly, climbing gently to the rocky ridges that give the summits a distinctive appearance, reminiscent of walls and ruins of impossible size, scoured by weather and countless ages. Gnarled willows and brownish swards climb many of the eastern slopes, ascending nearly to the stony summits. Such growth hides numerous pits, shallow valleys, ravines, and tarns, making climbing the seemingly even slopes a surprisingly treacherous affair. Crags and openings into caverns below also dot the mountains, revealing vast cave systems hidden below. Those explorers who return from such depths bring tales of lairing wyverns, great blind snakes, and poisonous stones. Perhaps most unnerving, though, are reports of massive sculptures and ancient, flaking cave art brooding in the dark, the works of forgotten and impossibly-sized artists of the past.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Fort Serenko
  • The Ghost Stone
  • The Linnorm's Grave
  • Lake Silverstep
  • The Valley of the Dead
  • Varnhold
  • Varnhold Pass (And Varnhold fortress)
  • Vordukai's Tomb

Inhabitants Edit

  • See: Lake Silverstep
  • See: Varnhold
  • Zzamas

Plot Relevant Details Edit

Currently the main physical barricade between Vordukai's legions and the Narlmarches, the Tors of Levines are quickly being fortified as a choke point before the inevitable march of the Cyclops Lich's hordes.

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