Pathfinder kingmaker charter by grafikimon-d5q6e3c

An Abridged History of Kingmaking Edit

A group of plucky adventures came to make their own way and grab a kingdom at the Greenbelt. First they had jolly good time cleaning the Greenbelt out of the most blatant bandits and slaying monsters. Things they did included:

-Protecting a trade outpost from bandits.

-Killing a little bandit camp with Gigante engaging in a duel for freedom to some Bandit chick who then won and got shot to the back thanks to Hanley. She would later become the first member of Pippin's Undead Harem.

-Meeting several lethal groups of elk, that thankfully were not interested in manslaughter.

-Killing a hog monster thing that became one of Pippin's first undead pets.

-Finding some fey that needlessly antagonized the noble adventurers.

-Meeting some undead guy who wanted revenge on the Stag Lord

-Assault on the Stag Lord's keep, which deserves a tale of its own but in short was a combination of infiltration by the future king Gabriel, stealth approach by Hanley and a rush to through the main gates by others. The combat was fierce and furious, with lots of bandits getting killed, an owlbear being slain and Stag Fell laughing the whole time while getting stabbed to death.

-Hanley and Pippin having an argument about the rightful treatment of downed bandits, which resulted in something or other.

-Everyone gathering and having a jolly good time setting up the Kingdom, voting Gabriel as the king and making sure that the evil necromancer could not rise to power. And they also met a lot of new NPCs, and after a lot of arguing the fallen paladin of Erastil named Akiros was saved from execution by divine intervention. As a punishment for his crimes he was doomed to serve the new kingdom of Lakevale forever, and endure the endless paperwork and matchmaking heaped on him by Hanley.

Modern Era (Post Varnhold Vanishing) Edit

After the defeat of Vordukai's Lieutenant and the clearing of his tomb, the party discovered that he had fled east to Casmaron. Attempts to find him via divination proved unsuccessful so the party resolved to prepare for his inevitable attack back at the capital, as well as dealing with the usual chaos involved with running Lakevale.

Meeting with Eranex Edit

On their return to Stagfell, the party were attacked by a great, fey-blooded silver dragon, mistaking them (perhaps understandably considering the undead Roc) for enemies and minions of dark forces. The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up and the silver dragon introduced herself as Eranex, daughter of the famous silver dragon Silverstep. To help smooth things over diplomatically Eranex offered to visit Stagfell. The visit went exceptionally well,

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