Stolen Lands: Condensed Version Edit

With unrest growing in Brevoy following the disappearance of the entire royal family, the civil war between the once separate Issians and Rostlanders seeming to be inevitable, the Swordlords of Restov put together a plan to claim the bandit and beast infested wilderness to the south. While they couldn't move in troops themselves for fear of riling up the north they could issue a charter to mercenaries to start their own independent settlements and nations, with the understanding that they remember who it is that funded their expedition if the war does come.

So it was that three expeditions left Restov to explore the three different sections of the Stolen Lands. Maegar Varn and his compatriots heading for the Dunsward, Hannis Drelev headed to the Hooktongue Slough and an ecclectic, ragtag group of adventurers headed for the Green Belt.

Bandits at Oleg's Trading Camp Edit

The party first reached Oleg's Trading Post to discover the place had recently been being extorted by Bandits for several months now, lead by a vicious woman by the name of Kressle they had crippled Oleg, stolen Svetlana's wedding ring, sending bandits back every month to steal coin and supplies. Luckily, the party arrived only a day before the bandits were due to return and so were able to lay an ambush for the bandits.

The bandits were easily taken care of, and interrogations led the party to Kressle in her bandit camp along the Thorn River in the Narlmarches. After defeating her and interrogating her, they discovered that she was a lieutenant for The Stag Lord who was the one responsible for all of the bandit activity in the Green Belt. Afterwards, El Gigante made her an offer that if she could defeat him in single combat, they would let her go. To everyone's surprise, the bandit proved to be considerably more lethal than expected and incapacitated the half giant. Hanley Medvyed wasn't comfortable however with letting the bandit go free and shot her in the back.

Deciding that The Stag Lord might be too much to take on for the moment, the party decided to deal with the various other threats and dangers within the Green Belt such as the increasingly aggressive Sootscale Kobolds. Not only that, but the quest to recover Svetlana's wedding ring had hit an unexpected snag, in that the shipment of loot that the ring had been in had been stolen by fey.

Adventures in the Green Belt Edit

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