Stag Lord

The Bandit Lord of the Stolen Lands, the Staglord was a masked mystery, a King amongst remorseless killers and Prince of Thieves in the worst sense of the Phrase. Now remembered only in the name of the Capital City that was titled after his death (CE Male human ranger 3/rogue 5)

History/Introduction to the Story Edit

Very little was known of the Staglord or his history, he was known only as a Bandit Leader and antagonistic force to the party when they arrived in the Stolen Lands, the driving force behind the savage banditry of the area.

Things done Since Edit

Slain in his own fortress while drunk as a Lord, the Staglord was the last obstacle the party overcame in their conquest of the central Stolen Lands and.

Person themselves Edit

Personality Edit

Drunk mostly.

Appearance Edit

Badly scarred and heavily muscled, the Staglord kept his face covered with his distinct, Stag-headed Helmet.

Relationships Edit

Once Master of both Kressle and Akiros, the Staglord was an enemy to the world and a threat to all that dwelt in it.

Location Edit

His bones are interred within the secure Catacombs under Stagfell, so that his spirit may never rise to haunt the living with its evil.

Plot Reminders Edit

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