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Long ago, before the fall of the Starstone, when the Verduran Forest stretched from the World’s Edge Mountains to the Lake of Mists and Veils, the elves built an outpost far to the north in what is now the northern River Kingdoms. When they fled Golarion at the onset of the Age of Darkness, the elves abandoned this outpost as they did so many others. Centuries later, after their return, they found that while humanity had overrun much of Avistan, the Stolen Lands had become a wilderness untouched by both elf and human. Moved by this, they left their ancient keep abandoned, and in the ensuing centuries even the elves forgot about it. Yet elven architecture is built to last, and the outpost, though now in ruins, has survived the passage of millennia mostly intact. Over the years, it has been home to host of creatures, both fair and foul.

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  • As part of the negotiations with Kyonin, the Forgotten Keep is agreed as the new center of a elven-human shared city, which will act as a vassal city state under the semi-control of both kingdoms once the council has fulfilled their part of the agreement, See: Kyonin (Treaty) for details.
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