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Lake Silverstep, so named for the legend that its waters filled the footprint of a great silver wyrm many ages ago, is the cleanest and clearest source of water in the Stolen Lands. Its primary source is from the Gurdin River, but countless smaller rills and streams empty from the mountains in dramatic cascades along the lake’s eastern shores. With the exception of the mud flats, the shores surrounding the lake consist of idyllic swaths of nettles, cattails, reeds, and lilies and are home to numerous nixies, grigs, and faerie dragons. These fey are incredibly bashful and shy, and rarely seen by mortal eyes.

The waters of Lake Silverstep host an enormous variety of fish; the most common are small, thick-bodied silver eels—quite delicious and much sought after by gourmet chefs. The fact that dangerous predators often hunt along the shores of the lake, combined with the fact that silver eels are difficult to catch due to their uncanny ability to sense hooks in bait, together ensure that demand for the eels remains high.

The Lake is also now known to be home to the Fey-touched daughter of its namesake, who lairs in her fathers once home.

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  • Eels - Thems good eatin'It’s a DC 30 Survival check to catch 1d6 silver eels over the course of an 8-hour expedition, but baiting the hooks with goodberries, for some reason, seems to help immensely—fishing with goodberries as bait grants a +10 bonus on the Survival check to catch eels.

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