Garuum the Boggard, an outcast from his own savage people resides in the Western Narlmarches with his pet Slurk for company.

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Living in the Stolen lands long before the party arrived, Garuum was exiled from his own tribe after attempting a one Frog coup against the Priest-Kings of his great tribe, which failed miserably. Escaping punishment by fleeing his Homelands in the Hooktongue Slough for the Mires to the East, he has remained an exile since. First introduced to the party when they stumbled upon him and were offered shelter in his 'kingdom', a single ruined room for the night, he remains the Westernmost member of the Lakevale populace and a wild man (Frog), trapper and occasional rescuer of those who become lost in the far west of the Narlmarches.

Things done Since Edit

  • After the creation of Stagfell, Magister Westin has visited Garuum often, providing him with both a prosthetic hand to replace his maimed left hand and assisted in repairing his home to a degree, creating a small palisade, which has allowed the Boggard some security in his swampy home. He still visits him once per month.

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Asocial and strange by human standards, Garuum appears to show none of the homicidal urges of his kin but remains distant from civilization, preferring his own company.

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A Boggard with a Slurk

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Apart from his deep companionship with his mount, Ubagub, Garuum remains relatively alone.

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